We aim to create the opportunities for all people to discover and reach their potential through formal and informal education, life-transforming experiences and learning opportunities. Therefore, we aim to create training and learning environments where people can pass their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to others.  For us education is a life-long experience, a lifestyle, or a way to pass the baton to the next generation.


We believe technologies can enhance the quality of life in many aspects. Therefore, we generate and support the transfer of the technological know-how to the community in the form of pioneering initiatives. Innovation is the meeting place of the business sector, the educational organizations and the local authorities where they all work together to find technology-based solutions for the improvement of the community life.


We believe that positive transformation at personal level can also contribute to the positive transformation of our communities. We think shared values motivate people to get involved in specific projects which can shape and transform the future of their communities. Health, environment and culture are three directions we choose to invest so we can have better communities.