Our Purpose

The purpose of the Foundation is one of general interest for the Romanian society, that of improving the quality of life, health and social activities of the people and of the sustainable development in the relation with the communities, creating the necessary framework for maintaining the equality of chances in was technology by means such as the promotion of scientific research and avant-garde technologies, implementing and developing in the Romanian society the approaches, solutions and technologies that ensure a new quality level of the development of the quality of life, strengthening the transparency in the State - citizen relationship, the integration of the society into the global information space and as a result the establishment of a highly developed information society thrive.


The activities and means of action for the purpose of the Foundation are:

  1. Promoting the improvement of quality of life and resources by using technology;
  2. Align processes to facilitate interaction between humans and technology;
  3. Elaboration, promotion and realization of programs, respectively technological processes for improving the quality of life and resources;
  4. Diminishing the imbalances by stimulating the sustainable technological, social and economic development of Timis county / West, southwest of Romania, in order to increase the quality of life;
  5. Technology research and innovation in all aspects of increasing the quality of life without being limited to information technology;
  6. Facilitating and developing inter-institutional cooperation in the field of technology in order to improve the quality of life;
  7. Creating opportunities for secure and easier access of individuals, legal entities, institutions, NGOs, authorities to information, with the possibility to generate the technical framework;
  8. Promoting innovation and technology transfer and know-how by strengthening the link between business and scientific, technological
  9. Promoting opportunities in the region of Timis County / Western, South West region of Romania in order to attract Romanian and / or foreign investments;
  10. Efficiently capitalizing on the resources of each area in the region, mobilizing local communities to identify and use their own human
  11. Combating marginalization and social exclusion, through effective social protection, priority support for disadvantaged areas and the inclusion of vulnerable populations in the technological process. Encouraging the social participation of all persons, groups or organizations. Accessing, developing, supporting, promoting, implementing and / or participating in the implementation of cross-border and European programs in the field of technology, education, research, promotion and protection of human rights and sustainable
  12. Promotion of technology transfer;
  13. Promoting and supporting the participation of other persons active in the fields of interest of the Foundation at various events organized by the Foundation, scientific, cultural, sporting, social events (congresses, conferences, symposiums, seminars, colloquia, fairs, exhibitions or other meetings) in the country and abroad, for the promotion of information education and research and for training in the field of technology;
  14. Accessing European funds in order to achieve the purpose and objectives of the Foundation;
  15. Development of own programs and in partnership with public authorities and / or other private legal
  16. Popularizing the results of the Foundation's research and actions through all means of the media, publishing, printing and disseminating books, magazines, reports, recommendations, studies and other types of publications and specialized papers;
  17. Establishment and promotion of collaboration relations between the Foundation and other specialized organizations, or specialized in promoting and improving the absorption of European funds in the field of education, research and technology;
  18. Awarding prizes, scholarships and incentives for outstanding achievements that are related to the Foundation's purpose;
  19. Association / collaboration / affiliation with other non-profit legal persons from the country and / or abroad in order to achieve the purpose and objectives of the Foundation.
  20. Promoting the concept of economic competitiveness through
  21. Stimulating and promoting innovative activities, protecting intellectual property
  22. Organizing and participating in international events, brokerage, fairs and exhibitions of scientific, cultural, sporting, social (congresses, conferences, symposiums, seminars, colloquia, fairs, exhibitions or other meetings) in the country and abroad to promote education and information research.
  23. Organizing training in technology
  24. Effective protection and use of values ​​and resources common to Romanian citizens and citizens of neighboring countries or members of other ethnic groups in Romania;
  25. Improving sustainable cross-border mobility and eliminating bottlenecks;
  26. Improving employment and promoting labor mobility;
  27. Improving risk prevention and disaster management;
  28. Promoting cross-border cooperation between institutions and citizens.